Packaging marketing and love at first sight


"It's the first impression that counts", is a phrase we hear often and on different occasions. Before a first date or at the request of a job interview, for example.  

In the marketing world, packaging may be the first impression that potential customers have about our brand. Although brief, in that interaction we can convey very important messages, such as who we are, what differentiates us from the rest or what our values are

Awakening people's interest with creative and innovative designs is a marketing strategy capable of influencing the purchase decision. Because, indeed, it is not only price that matters. Consumers also make choices based on the packaging and what it generates in them, sometimes even unconsciously. 

Of course, this is no simple task. However, it is a challenge that should not be overlooked. 

For this reason, packaging is a fundamental part of the user experience.


A good packaging design will allow us...

✦ Reflect the brand image: it is a way to communicate our values and personality through graphic elements such as colors, typography and design.

✦ Increase sales: a good packaging design can influence the purchase decision of customers and increase sales.

✦ Facilitate product identification: a clear and consistent design helps customers quickly identify the product on the shelf and remember the brand. Packaging is a part of the visual identity that consumers remember best.

✦ Proteger el producto: el packaging no sólo es estético, sino que también cumple una función importante al proteger el producto durante el transporte y almacenamiento.

3 key elements for a successful design


Color is the most predominant differentiating element in packaging. It can be recognized from a distance and, in general, each color is associated with different meanings. Green is generally associated with a light or ecofriendly product, and black with a premium product, to cite a few examples. 

The symbolism behind each color can vary over time and have different meanings depending on the culture. 



The logo is the main graphic symbol present on a package. In a way, it is the word of presentation of the brand.

Therefore, the typography must be visible and understandable to every consumer. To be immediately recognizable, we must opt for simple, legible and easily memorable graphics. 


A good design is not only able to communicate visually. Touch is another sense that is in play and can be used to our advantage.

Grainy and soft to the touch textures add to our packaging a sensory experience for those who touch it.

A product's embossing also defines brand identity. Consumers may associate the embossing of a label with a "premium" or quality product.

Does your brand have a packaging that takes advantage of these elements to stand out from the competition?

If you are interested in achieving this, at Dobleuv we focus on designing attractive, innovative packaging that meets the needs of your business.

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