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The role of Artificial Intelligence in UX


Clave del presente y el futuro del diseño.

  • Understanding: AI understands the data we provide (images, audios, text tables, among others).
  • Reasoning: from the understanding of data, has the ability to formulate hypotheses and offer arguments with support.
  • Learning and interaction: it has the power to improve the system through the multiple interactions it has with users. In other words, AI can be exercised, and thus achieve better results and more accurate solutions as it accumulates data and gains experience.

AI in digital interface design

Added value: personalized experiences

  • Preventive detection of users with a high probability of abandoning or not using the service.
  • Anticipate the real needs of each customer, which may change over time.
  • Finding increasingly precise solutions to the challenges of today's market: new trends, purchasing patterns, search preferences, etc.

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