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The challenge. Nowadays, only 42% of Spain population have life insurance. Some of the key factors that aggravate this situation are: -The use of technicalities that make it impossible to understand how insurance works. -The time-consuming processes and the poor communication by the insurance companies that hinder an effective management. -The lack of flexibility in the products offered. -The fact of not being able to track neither the contracted product nor any other process carried out in real time.

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What we developed. A mobile app that seeks simplicity and easy access to information, as well as the simplification of processes. This app allows you to obtain the insurance fees, personalize it, contract it and manage it, all at once!

Outcome. To provide people with useful information about the insurance processes in a straightforward and precise language. To have a section that allows them to track the contracted product and what it includes in a practical, effective and simple way.

Project completion date: 10.10.2020
Done in one month
Seguros Adelante
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