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Use Figma to create successful digital products


#Figma is a collaborative, online graphic editing and interface design platform. Within it, all members of a design team can log in simultaneously and make adjustments or modifications, regardless of the operating system they use.

It was created for the development of digital products, so it is a multi-platform solution for designers, who choose this tool to optimize and improve the UX process of their projects.

In Figma you will be able to...

  • Design any interactive graphic interface, such as screens for websites or mobile applications. 
  • Work with its component library, known as Variants. 
  • Manage your project data and organize it to your liking with numbered lists.
  • Renew color, shadow, property, border, and typography functions.
  • Share comments and real-time reviews, which can be accessed by anyone with Slack or an email address. 
Collaborative platform

Why use Figma?

1. Real-time collaboration

Each project can be divided into different phases and, in each of them, different professionals are involved. Real-time collaboration within Figma is a valuable feature that allows you to optimize your work times and make changes and adjustments more easily. It is an ideal tool for multidisciplinary teams.

2. Web-based

Another advantage of Figma is that it does not need to be downloaded directly to a device. It is a web-based application and, therefore, we can access it through a browser. This allows us to save a lot of space and optimize the performance of our device. Ah, Figma also offers unlimited cloud storage.

3. Compatible with all operating systems

As you read, Figma is available for all operating systems. You'll even be able to import files from your Sketch projects, an exclusive MAC tool.

4. Simple and intuitive interface

What every UI designer craves. The interface in Figma is accessible to all userswhether they have more or less experience in interface design tools. You'll find a well-crafted learning curve.

5. Prototypes at the click of a button

With Figma, you'll be able to copy the URL of a prototype and make it visible to everyone. Even without needing to have an account! This is especially useful for sharing the progress of our project with clients

6. Work offline

If you run out of connection, don't despair! If you run out of connection, don't despair! even offline, some functions will be enabled: such as create local components or basic shapes..

7. Large and supportive community.

In Figma you will find a large community of users willing to share their work and resolve doubts or answer questions. Collaborative and team work is not only visible among project colleagues, it is also a value that characterizes the designers and professionals who use the platform. 

Figma Benefits


As you will notice, Figma offers multiple advantages, several of them aimed at facilitate and enhance the performance of multidisciplinary teams, with a high remote workload

If you are interested in discovering more about the platform, or you already work on it and want to deepen your knowledge, in On our social networks we share tips, recommendations and useful resources to make the most of the benefits that Figma offers.. We invite you to be part of the Dobleuv community!

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