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¿What is User Interface Design (UI)?


UI design is a digital practice where all the visual and interactive elements of the interface of a product, such as applications or websites, are integrated. In this branch of design, knowledge and skills related to responsive design, the use of color palettes, typographies, borders, avatars, buttons and other resources involved are applied.

The main objective of UI design is to guide people through the designed interface, providing an agile, intuitive and satisfying experience, in which the user accomplishes his mission without difficulties.


Múltiples opciones de diseño web
Multiple web design options


UI designer profile

A UI designer is a precise , detail-oriented, creative professional, able to work in a team and develop empathy, detail-oriented, creative professional, able to work in a team and develop empathy.

Among his main skills and roles, he is in charge of optimizing the visual style of a brand and applying it to the interface with design tools such as color palettes, typographies and visual elements. In addition to being intuitive, the interface is attractive to potential customers and manages to unequivocally convey the brand identity, its values and differential over the competition.

As you may have noticed, although they are different roles, the UI designer shares many characteristics with the UX designer, with whom he or she works together to create the best and most efficient digital products.

¿How do we know if the interface we design fulfills its function? Here are some indicators to take into account:

  • When navigating through the interface, the user knows where he/she is at all times and does not feel disoriented within the website or application. 
  • The user knows in advance what will happen if he touches a button or performs a certain action within the interface.
  • In addition, you can quickly identify the purpose for which you entered the interface, and fulfill it without investing more time and/or effort than necessary. 


Organizar los elementos dentro de un esquema
Organize the elements within a scheme


3 tips for UI designers

1. Size and use of icons

It is common for us to use icons to accompany texts and highlight information we consider relevant. When we do so, it is important to take into account their dimensions so that they are coherent within the visual composition. To make them stand out, it is not necessary to increase their size excessively.

Nor is it necessary to overload our products with icons. We have to establish a criterion when it comes to prioritizing the information, because if we want to highlight all the elements at the same time, we will achieve the opposite effect: the important information will hardly be distinguishable from the rest. "Less is more", a well-known phrase, but no less true for that. 

2. Design for density

Also called PPI, pixel density is the number of pixels per inch of a screen. We recommend designing for density instead of pixels, since this way the elements we are going to create will be able to adapt adequately to the different sizes of each device. This is not a minor detail, if we take into account that users can access the site through different electronic devices: smartphones, tablets, notebooks, among others.

3. Color hierarchy 

In addition to typography and letter thickness, color is a fundamental resource for creating hierarchies within our interface. Using its different shades, varying between light and dark, we can assign levels of importance easily perceptible to users.

As a general rule, when one element is more important than another, it carries more visual weight. In this way, users can quickly identify and differentiate between information of greater and lesser relevance.


un diseñador UI está en cada mínimo detalle
It is important to be in every detail



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