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Power up your designs with Figma and ChatGPT


Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools didn't necessarily arrive to solve complex design problems, which require the knowledge, empathy, and creative —and deeply human— capacity of an expert in UX/UI. However, this doesn't mean that as professionals we should ignore them or go against them. On the contrary." 


Technology advances and improves every day, and with it collaborating by our side, we can optimize our work and organizar mejor nuestros tiemposIt can even generate new ideas that, otherwise, we wouldn't have thought of. 


AI doesn't replace or take away a designer's role. However, a designer can indeed enhance their work and showcase their qualities with AI as an ally. They can also rely on it to break with monotony and innovate in their work, , differentiating themselves from the competition and thus finding a novel value proposition..


Therefore, in this opportunity, we share with you the different functions and benefits of integrating the Chat GPT plugin into Figma, with the purpose of enhancing our designs.


Chat GPT in Figma: Examples of Use

  1. Create placeholder text

Usually, we need to create placeholder content for our designs in Figma. Whether they are titles, subtitles, categories, or the body of a text. Particularly in large projects, this task takes us a long time and can become somewhat repetitive. Here comes the assistance of Chat GPT, as it can help us generate placeholder content quickly and easily.


How does it do it? Very easy. The first step is to install the Chat GPT plugin in Figma. Once installed, we select a text element and click on the Chat GPT plugin to generate placeholder content. 


Let's go to a practical example. Do you need a title for a dating app? Then, you select the element where you want that title to appear, click on the Chat GPT plugin, and type "Generate a title for a dating app" or a similar message, that fits your needs. And that's it! GPT will create a title that you can use as a placeholder in your design.


  1. Generate copies

Chat GPT can also be a useful tool for tasks related to UX Writing. As in the previous example, you just have to select a text element and click on the Chat GPT plugin. Then, you write a message like "Generate copy for a call to action button on a landing page" and GPT will create the text we need." 


Of course, we can edit each copy that GPT proposes to us, to adapt it to the voice of our brand, its style, values, and objectives. This way, we will save a lot of time without neglecting the quality and relevance of each text.


  1. Explore UI kit 

The choice and implementation of design components (typography, color palette, icons) is a fundamental task when working on our products and interfaces. At this stage, the Chat GPT plugin can help us find the components we are looking for to maximize our design, if we provide it with the necessary instructions, based on the requirements of the project in question. 


How does it do it? We enter a message like "Generate design system components for a tourism website," and Chat GPT will provide us with a list of components based on our request.


  1. Discover new ideas

Creating and proposing design ideas is an exciting task and, generally, one of our favorite stages. We can unleash our creative side, with the goal of finding innovative paths and solutions. But there is also a reality and that is, let's be honest, we are not always inspired. And some days we feel more blocked than others.


In these scenarios, Chat GPT is a tool that can help us generate new ideas, as long as we provide the relevant instructions. For example, we need to create a new feature for a mobile app for learning new languages. So, we click on the Chat GPT plugin and write "Generate ideas for a new feature in a language learning mobile app." GPT will generate a list of ideas based on that message.


Thanks to this information, we will be able to overcome temporary blockages and use the suggestions provided by the AI as a springboard to continue thinking and developing overcoming ideas.


How to make the most of its benefits?

The ideal is to start our interaction with Chat GPT with a clear and specific message. If we write vague, very general, and imprecise ideas... well, the responses generated by the AI will also be imprecise and, consequently, of little value to us. How can we avoid this from happening? Integrating ideas and concepts related to a characteristic of the project we are working on into our messages..

However, if a first response does not satisfy us, there is no need to worry. Chat GPT is designed to learn with each interaction and thus improve its returns.Therefore, the more we use the tool, the more accurate its responses will be.

However, even if GPT can provide us with an adequate answer or an excellent starting point it is essential to review and edit any text that the tool provides us with.Because, as we mentioned, Because, as we mentioned, Chat GPT did not come to replace our work,nor our creative power by any means. 

We know better than anyone what is the brand voice and tone we are looking foror what is the design style and vision  very important factors for every product and project we undertake. For this reason, the difference between a satisfactory result and one that is not will depend directly on our knowledge and criteria applied to the suggestions that the AI has to offer us.

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