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How to humanize your brand in the age of AI


Without a doubt, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a topic that is here to stay. It arouses opinions and comments of all kinds, at all times and in all places. Has it been invented to replace us? Is it possible that it does our job better? Or is it another tool that helps us to solve our tasks? So, are we allies or adversaries?

Among so many questions, today we want to provide solutions. For that reason, we share some ideas about how we can humanize our brand with marketing strategies in the Era of AI.


It is true that AI is a very useful tool to speed up processes and store valuable information about each client: their preferences, tastes, and expectations. This saves us a lot of time, allows us to offer a better service, and helps us focus on other tasks.

However , consumers still value human connections. Chatting directly with a person on the other side, or receiving messages that were crafted by people like oneself, generates greater trust and the interaction feels more personalized.

The goal is for each user feels that their experience is unique, and not part of an automated response..

Genuine connection

Present the team on social media

Behind every company, there is a group of people who make the brand what it is.Their ideas, knowledge, experiences, and efforts, are what finally bring products or services to life and offer them to the market.

For this reason, taking the time to recognize each member on your website or social media, is not only a gesture of gratitude towards the team, but also a way to humanize your brand. 

Identifying each member with a photograph, first name, and last name, demonstrates that behind a company there are professionals who feel, just like the user or consumer.

Additionally, the presentation of the staff also is an excellent way to attract new candidates looking for similar companies and want to join a human group that represents and identifies them.

Humanizar la marca
Humanize the brand

Pay attention to the tone of voice

If we talk about humanizing a brand, the way we choose to communicate is a key point. The tone of voice and writing are fundamental tools to convey our personality and values to others.

The words we choose often count for much more than we believe. Language is not innocent. It has a transformative power, which accounts for a particular way of seeing and naming the world..

If we are clear about our values and our target audience, then we can communicate effectively, with genuine, sincere, and human words and tone of voice. Thus, we will be able to create precise and assertive messages, which will connect directly with the people on the other side.


In summary, technology is our ally in the processes of innovation and digital transformation. Following closely the new trends in this matter is the key to continue offering a modern service and up to the new expectations.

However, the human side of connecting with others, whether through digital platforms, will never lose its value. That is why we advise not to neglect the way we communicate and interact with our users, regardless of the instance..

If you are looking to genuinely connect with your potential customers through marketing strategies, at Dobleuv we share information, tips, and resources for the design and creation of successful and human experiences. Are you interested in learning more? Get in touch with us!

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