11 reasons why creativity is crucial and urgent

30 Jun, 2019

Modern times force us to see the world in a more conscious, more intellectually committed and much more generous way from the point of view of experience. And to achieve these three goals, it is required to appeal to creativity; to that generating action, to that creative energy for people who are brave and committed to their creative being.

Creativity is not something that comes naturally to everyone. It is also something that is not necessarily encouraged in our society and studies. Creativity is something that expands when it is cared for and is worth exploring and dedicating space to in our lives. In this post we explain why.

(1) Creativity helps you see the bigger picture

It is important to be able to see the bigger picture in many aspects of your life. Whether it is in your personal life or in a work project, being able to visualize the environment helps a lot to discover where you can plant your seed. Being creative and letting your mind wander a bit is like taking a walk in the woods. You can see beyond the obvious.

(2) Creativity relieves stress

Research shows that being creative relieves stress. This is important because stress can be like poison to humans. Stress can cause a wide variety of health problems, which can be serious and significantly affect our happiness. Being creative is like a soothing balm. It can increase positive thoughts and sense of peace. Creativity makes us be consistent with our artistic being and that relaxes us.

(3) Creativity helps you motivate yourself

Are you feeling discouraged or frustrated about something? Doing something creative can lift your spirits and help you get rid of a bad mood. It takes that worry out of your mind and transforms it into action. Your mind will just focus on something more fun, more creative and more stimulating. Being creative could imply baking, drawing, doing a puzzle, setting yourself an inspiring challenge… etc. It’s like removing dust, cobwebs, and getting your brain moving. It will be even easier to start that task you have problems with, since we create to avoid pain and to find pleasure too.

(4) Creativity helps solve problems.

When trying to find the solution to a problem, thinking creatively opens up a whole world of possibilities. It allows us to look at one situation from different perspectives. Quite often, people get stuck with solutions that they have used in the past. A problem could be easily solved if the approach was more creative. This is how we come up with unique ideas and how innovative people distinguish themselves.

(5) Creativity can make you more productive

Creative people have open and active minds. They are usually full of ideas and are inspired by the world around them. Frequently, this makes them more productive because they contribute more than others who do not open their minds to their surroundings. Creative people are always looking for new ways to solve problems, which leads to innovation and greater efficiency. It is a valuable skill in any field, since it allows us to be focused on a problem, need, challenge, objective and the process becomes stimulating.

(6) Creativity increases your confidence

Being creative helps you see the bigger picture, stay motivated, and solve problems. What could be more exhilarating than that? When you think creatively and overcome all kinds of challenges, you are showing yourself that you are a capable person. Along the way, creativity makes that process more engaging and rewarding. Small challenges, great achievements.

(7) Creativity helps clarify your thoughts and feelings

The mind can be a chaotic place. Traditional ways of detecting and describing thoughts and feelings are often too linear and do not encompass what is happening. Creative ways like journaling, mind mapping, and even drawing allow you to free your mind’s content without limits. When we don’t judge, we let thoughts and feelings flow freely and we get more clarity about them. The process of getting them out creatively makes them more real and consistent. The right way to do is to be.

(8) Creativity allows you to express yourself

Freedom of expression is considered so important to a person’s well-being that it is in fact a human right. Creativity is the key to the door of expression, no matter what form of creativity you choose. It can be painting, sculpture, music, cooking, or anything else that brings interesting or beautiful things to the world.

(9) Creativity generates synergies and unites people

Being creative can be a personal and lonely experience but it can also be driven by the community. Art classes, craft groups, bands, idea workshops… in short, they are collectives of creative people who come together to do what they love. These connections are invaluable to a person’s mental health and sense of belonging.

(10) Creativity can help you live longer

Did you know that being creative can prolong your life? In a study published by the Scientific American Magazine, researchers showed that creativity exercises a handful of neural networks in the brain. By keeping the mind active, the brain muscle is exercised. Like every other exercise, this keeps you healthier, so you live longer than someone who doesn’t use these networks. The fact that creativity also relieves stress likely plays a key role in extending a person’s life.

(11) Creativity is activated NOW

The moment is now. Taking action takes us to the next level, it transforms us. The action is what transforms, not the intention nor the thought.

Take action, think of yourself and be the best version of yourself. Dare to revolutionize yourself.


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